Your breakfast is local and community-minded.

All of our dishes are made from scratch with fresh, organic, and local ingredients.  We work with a variety of purveyors from Wisconsin to source the best products possible. As we've built our menu, we've visited factories and farms in order to understand where our food comes from and build lasting relationships with farmers in the great state of Wisconsin. We're proud of these partnerships -- supporting local farmers is key to our mission, and it also makes our food taste pretty damn good.

In addition to working closely with farmers and small-batch suppliers in Dane County and the rest of Wisconsin, we work closely with a number of non-profits and small business coalitions in the 608. Community partnerships are key to our success, and we're proud to give back and support our community in whatever way we can. If you think Short Stack is the right partner for your cause, drop us a note in the contact form at the bottom of this page. If you're wondering who we work with on a daily basis, just check out our trophy case: